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In recent years, the sport of ocean or open water swimming has increased markedly in popularity.
With interest in international swim travel, ocean swim events, swim camps, and ocean swim challenges continuing to rise,
water safety is now more important than ever.

Swimmers and organisers alike must ensure safety remains their highest priority at all times.
This course is designed to cover ocean swim safety specifically for swimmers, but should be followed by anyone considering swimming in the ocean or an open waterway.

The safety precautions explained throughout this course are in line with a 1km adventure swim or 20km training swim and will help swimmers to understand their swim environment, create a safe company with buddy swimmers and enjoy the beauty of the ocean swim.


The Ocean Swim Safety Course is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical.


Comprised of three modules, students will learn about ocean swim preparation, ocean swim skills, knowledge and action in unpredictable situations. Each module contains questions to be answered by the swim student at the end of the course.


Students will organise one ocean swim session for a friend or group swimmers. You will be assessed on how well you demonstrate your understanding of the course in a short-written report or video.

Vlad Mravec